Monday, April 9, 2012

a to z challenge: H!

So, my approach to the A-Z challenge is this:  Write a story using only words which begin with letters we've 'passed.' So, in other words, on day one I can use words which start with A, on day two it's words which start with A, or B, etc.

The goal here?  Silliness. Enjoy!

Day 8: H is for Hush.

A - Alan Adkinson attacked Alicia’s alabaster angel at Akron Academy. Afterwards, Alicia admitted attacking aggressively augmented Alan’s attractiveness. Alicia accepted Alan’s advances, and, after an adventure, Alan’s artless attiude.

B - Betty Boswell, bored and bitter behind Berkshire’s accounting arm, accidentally acquired Alicia’s alabaster angel. Bedeviled by aforementioned accursed angel, Betty began Alan’s annihilation by arranging an attack against Alicia and Akron!

C - Careful contemplation communicates certain conundrums: Could Alicia’s alabaster angel cause Betty Boswell’s baneful attitude? Certainly! Alicia’s angel actually contained a bound air creature; cruel, angry, and bitter. Bound constructs (as Alicia’s angel) actually commonly corrupt capable adults. (Beware both angel carvings and alabaster containers.) Betty, bound and controlled, behaved accordingly.

D - Deemed dangerous by Akron Academy, Alan admitted defeat. Alan denied Akron’s accusations, and Alicia accepted Alan’s comforting, but admitted certain doubts. Crushed, Alan departed Akron and abandoned Alicia, chasing comfort and direction abroad.

E - Eventually, Alan discovered employment as an excavator deep below Earth’s crust at “Everwilde Excavations.”  Although affording excellent compensation, excavation also allowed ample contemplation. Even abrupt, artless Alan discerned Alicia’s emotions. Contrite and chagrined, Alan examined evacuating Everwilde.

F - Fate eventually found Alicia alone and exhausted behind a Berkshire Accounting building, fainted from a fatigue and depression coctail. Alicia’s angel felt Alicia’s fallen condition and acted fast. Betty, acting as Alicia’s friend, enticed forlorn Alicia, and Alicia became Betty’s flatmate.
G - Digging amid ancient fossils, Alan discovered a gray cube. Curious, Alan brushed and dug and ground dirt and dust away. Eventually, Alan found arcane designs etched along edges and corners. Gripping and dragging, Alan dislodged a cover and glimpsed a gem-covered case.

H - After dinner, Alan dozed and didn’t hear a faint call emanating from his curious case.
    “Hush...” air hissed, and bright eyes blinked from Alan’s box.
    “Alan.. Alan. Alan!” Alan dreamed he heard Alicia calling him.
    Alan awoke, his eyes blinking at empty air.


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