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I've been a writer ever since 7th grade English class, where our teacher told us that the first ten minutes of each class would be spent writing in a journal.
"What should we write about?" I asked.
"You can write about whatever you want," she replied.
"You mean..." my 12 year-old brain struggled to understand, "... we could even write stories?"
"That would be great. In fact why don't we have a story writing competition where we all write stories and we vote on the best one?"
So my friends and I all started stories in our 'journals.' Miss Milton would take them every day and write a little response in the margins. Phrases like "Interesting!" and "I can't wait to see what happens next!" kept me feverishly adding to my little nothing-stories.
Now, 20+ years later, I continue to write like it's an addiction.
This blog is the place where I write about writing. It's very meta, right?
You can use pretty much anything you find here as long as you link / cite sources accordingly.

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